#randomtimetablemonday – Carmarthenshire Directory of Local Bus Services and Travel Guide, Issue 16,

#randomtimetablemonday – Carmarthenshire Directory of Local Bus Services and Travel Guide, Issue 16, February 2015


This book comes as A4 size as standard… off the top of my head we’ve had a few large ones. Just like the Brighton & Hove Bus Times A4 book of timetables, it’s lightweight and not overly cumbersome.

The book is bi-lingual, with Welsh text on one side (Left) of every page, right for English. The centre pages are an A3-size map which shows all bus and train services, showing the network in an easy single view.

The book features a detailed introduction of information on the council, how to use timetables, updates and bus stop displays, and free travel for concession pass holders. There is a listing of main ticketing types, from 12 Trip and Rovers to PlusBus. There is a very good Index to Places Served, which features points outside the county in another colour and italic print.

The 12 hour timetables are comprehensive, with bi-lingual place names on the same line. Towards the end, you will also find dial-a-bus and long distance services, such as the newly rebranded Cymru Connect.

Overall, this book is very useful. It does manage to give a massive amount of information in a lightweight, portable format. You can find the individual timetable pages of the guide via

#randomtimetablemonday – Milton Keynes Council Travel Guide Book

#randomtimetablemonday – Milton Keynes Council Travel Guide Book

Ever since Milton Keyes was split as an unitary authority from Buckinghamshire County Council (and even before!) they produce good quality comprehensive publications. The mainstay has been books, in different sizes and formats. The current one, November 2014-April 2015, covers the entire Milton Keynes unitary area. This includes more than just the city, but rural areas around Olney, Lavendon, Woburn, Bletchley, and Newport Pagnell, as examples.

Until recently, the book included a tiled atlas-style map. For the last two issues, this has been replaced with a fold-out map, adhered to the inside back cover. This is in addition to the stand-alone leaflet version. The atlas-style mapping was the inspiration for adding large maps into our own A5 book series, wherever at all possibile. The book includes the maps for Olney, MK Central area bus stops, and Milton Keynes rural, with the main map being in the fold – out. In addition to the A5 perfect bound book, and map, there is a loose-leaf comb bound A4 version in large print.

The book – 212 pages! – includes a comprehensive Index to Services, Index to Places Served, and timetables. The main Arriva routes are colour coded at the top of each page, with other routes in a grey colour. Every timetable is clearly in landscape format, with a bold print showing sections of route supported by Milton Keynes Council. Tickets are listed in detail, and not just those of the council’s own schemes. MK Bus Users Group have a full page, and full contact details are shown for every operator. There is also a list of places where you can pick up the next one, or additional copies.

The guide shows buses and registered coaches like the X5. Two pages near the end include the Marston Vale rail line between Bedford and Bletchley, which provides additional information for the Woburn area, without adding bulk. School buses, Taxibus services, Community bus services are all included, as are services by Stagecoach for the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, shuttle services for the Open Uni, and much more.

The maps also appear in a stand-alone Travelling Around Milton Keynes map guide, which is very portable.

Both are very highly recommended, and provide a bright, positive way to share information. Extremely comprehensive, but by no means a paperweight.

You can download the current timetable here, or visit the council’s maps and timetable pages here. Also, you can send a payment of £10 to get all publicity for the next three years, sent to your door – complete the form on Page 17 of the book, and follow the instructions thereafter.

Sullivan in WGC

#RandomTimetableMonday – Borehamwood/Potters Bar guide by @Sullivanbuses

#RandomTimetableMonday – Borehamwood/Potters Bar guide by @Sullivanbuses

Well, it’s a while since I’ve done one of these! My only rule here is that this cannot be a timetable book I’ve done. I did take a quick look at the proofs, at the request of Dean Sullivan, but that’s as far as that went.

This is the second edition of this timetable book, correct to January 2015. The first was done some time back now by a consultant on the south coast. This was done by another gent who was formerly one of the Herts CC/Intalink public transport publicity team. He has done leaflets for other services too, but this is almost all the Borehamwood/PB stuff in one guide.

The 28-page A5 book is illustrated in full colour throughout, and printed in A5 on heavyweight matt art paper. The cover photo features DN2 at the Tesco bus interchange in Borehamwood, and a close-up of the “Home of Film and Television” display locally. The map of all Sullivan services in Borehamwood is in the centre pages this time, and now includes all bus stops clearly marked. You can also find diagrams of routes such as the 306 and 398. In addition to these services, a summary is added for TfL Service 298, showing first/last buses from Potters Bar and Arnos Grove. There are also timetables for the remaining Borehamwood local service B3, Service 306C which runs at school times and onto Thorpe Park, as well as timetables for ten local school services.

The guide is highly recommended, and can be found on their local buses. You can also download a copy here.


Tangerines Draw, and contender for ICW Tag Team name of the year…

Further to yesterday’s post re the Dundee United vs. Inverness Caley Thistle match yesterday. The rescheduled match kicked off at 19.45, and almost immediately we had to change our plans. Our goalkeeper we usually use, Rado (Radoslav Cierzniak) was off the previous game, following an injury, but on the bench. After five minutes, stand-in goalie Szromnik was sent off following brining the opponent to the ground. The keeper was off, so down to ten men. At that point, you need to nominate another, so we subb’d on Rado (as goalie) and took it off as a defender (Chris Erskine).

The penalty was converted, and we were 0-1 down. Now, at that point I feared the worst! We battled back, and we earned a draw – in every sense of the word. For what is a team above us right now, I think we did well.

Despite all my criticisms of Rado and our defense in some matches, he did really pull tis back out the bag, and stopped us losing more after the penalty. You can read the club's match report here.

Next, away to Partick, before three consecutive Celtic games in three weeks! The matter of a Scottish Cup quarter final, League Cup final, and an league game.
28-02-2015 15:00 Partick Thistle Tannadice SPFL
08-03-2015 15:30 Celtic Tannadice Scottish Cup
14-03-2015 15:00 Inverness CT Caledonian Stadium - postponed SPFL
15-03-2015 15:00 Celtic Hampden Park League Cup
21-03-2015 15:00 Celtic Celtic Park SPFL

One teeny bit of ICW news – I don’t intend to announce every match on their forthcoming tour, but this is the best tag team name since Grado and Colt Cabana became Irn Jew… Now, at the o2 Academy in Newcastle, the current ICW tag team champions, Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) will be facing the two former members of the Kennedy Administration, Joe “Global Hero” Hendry, and current ICW Zero G Champion, Kenny “The bollocks” Williams. SO, what have they called themselves? Global Bollocks… Aah well Kennedy Administration is history, as his new group are referred to as simply The 55…
I Heart GF

Hertford, Harlow, Taco Bell, WordPress, Footie, ICW and the rest of my week

Hertford, Harlow, Taco Bell, WordPress, Footie, ICW and the rest of my week

I’ve been working hard on improving the work websites. I’ve also got all bar one of those sites that I maintain switched from HTML to Wordpress. Following the main H2T website and blog being integrated and refreshed, is now also the same. As for the rest; You can also see our new look websites now for,, simply by adding /wp to the end i.e. Once these links stop working, remove the /wp i.e. to see the new live sites. Suzy’s personal site will be the last.

This is the first major revamp of our websites to use newer technology. Not only does it look better, more easily updated, and saving time like no-one’s business, it’s more up-to-date. Essentially the way I’ve been doing websites hasn’t changed since 1997, so it’s time for a new way of doing things. The WordPress theme I use is BlogBox, which has our host font as part of the package. It’s easy to do things with it, and what would take me an hour then another half hour to upload and test, just goes live immediately after I hit “Publish”… no testing, checking, uploading to the wrong directory, finding the file I just over-wrote, and putting it back in the right one… you get the idea! Also, it looks lovely on mobile browsers and tablets… :-)

It’s not been all office work – last Thursday was out and about. I’d planned a visit to Chelmsford for the previous week, but circumstances meant it ended up as last week. So, Network Harlow-based GreenLine Mercedes Citaro 3893 from WGC to Harlow, Network Harlow/SXConnect Versa 4199 on the 59 to Chelmsford. After that, First 66805 on the 100 to Basildon for lunch at Taco Bell for the first time in ages! I was then able to do almost the full length of two routes I’d not yet done, with First 45123 on the 9 to Brentwood High Street, where I crossed over for an SM Coaches ex-Stagecoach Dart Y351 FJN on the 21 to Harlow. From there, I think it was 3892 back to WGC. I’ve uploaded the photos to Facebook, and in the near future we should be able to get the Virtual Picture Skip fully stacked.

Also did a short trip to Hertford on Saturday – being market day – and didn’t want to stay in but didn’t want a full day out, if you know – 388 out with Centrebus Solo 394, and back to WGC on GreenLine Citaro 3892.

Speaking of social media, all my Facebook posts are generally public. They are also being auto-synced with where you will be able to see what I am doing, day to day, even if you don’t want or like Facebook! It does now match what I used to do on LiveJournal more than now I am on FB. Let me know if you have problems with this method, as it's new, so I can look at things for the future.

Dundee United lost to St Johnstone this past Saturday, after what might be described as a non-arrival of our players. Sad thing is, on big occasions, it can happen i.e. league cup semi we won when I expected the proverbial doing-in. The media made much of the players we’d lost, but there were four injuries to contend with from the previous week. We are playing vs. Inverness CT this evening in the League, a rescheduled match from a frozen pitch earlier this year.

In other sports news, I watched the first of the ICW Friday Night Fight Club – click the link if you have no idea what I mean. It is free for the first 24 hours via the Pivotshare/ICW On Demand website, but the monthly service is still good. The setup seemed to have the perfect ending, for those who are used to watching more mainstream shows. It might well be this is the one to take #icdubb back to the telly!

Health is not too bad, was a bit bad after Saturday out earlier.

We are counting down the days - literally - till our wedding, and for us to meet all our lovely guests! You can too via this link;
In the meantime... we have a meeting scheduled for this coming Friday afternoon. Once that's done, and maybe pending one other discussion, we should be able to give a bit more details! Xx
Wifey Since 2015

Our Wedding #carolineandsuzysbiggay2015

Wedding News

For the benefit of those not on Facebook, we’ve confirmed the date for our long-awaited wedding. It will be held on Friday 31st July 2015.

There are a few points that we want to advise you of now, which will hopefully keep you going until the full details are ready in two-threee weeks;

  • The doors will be open from 11.00 (am), with the Wedding starting at 12.00 (noon).

  • Our proposed venue is in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, and is easy reachable by public or private transport.

  • For those coming from Scotland, it will be easy to come via bus, train, sleeper train, sleeper coach, or even plane, including the new air service from Dundee. For those from the north, it is possibile to get here without travelling through central London, unless you really want to.

  • For those from the south, we have five off-peak trains an hour, with the last train back to central London at 00.21. WGC is also easily accessed by other forms of public transport from across the Home Counties.

  • By car, our proposed first choice venue is about five minutes’ drive from Junction 4, Stanborough, of the A1 (M). It is signposted once you get closer to it.

  • We will be having a buffet lunch on site, which then turns into a reception. We can cater for special dietary or mobility requirements, and there will be a place on the RSVP Form so that we know how best to help.

  • We should be done by 17.30-18.00. There will be an (optional) evening out afterwards.

  • It will be a notable wedding for several reasons, but this day is 100 months to the date we fell in love.

  • Afterwards, we will keep our current surnames, but prefixed by Mrs.

  • While we cannot accommodate here, there are plenty of decent hotels and cheaper ones within a short distance of our preferred venue.

You can also find out about the event on Social Media via

Caroline and Suzy x


Dundee United roundup – first half Feb 2015

Dundee United roundup – first half Feb 2015

Sunday 8th February 2015
We were away to Stranrear in the Scottish Cup, and it had the potential to be a banana skin. The game was very back-and-forth, but for a 15 minute period in the first half of United dominance with three goals, and we won 3-0. See for full report. In the next round, we’ve drawn Celtic at home – and next month we will play them three times! (One league, one Scottish Cup, and one League Cup).

Then, we went to Kilmarnock this past Saturday 14th February 2015, and Killie came back to win 3-2 – our first defeat inflicted this calendar year. However, we’ve won a few games in similar late late comebacks, so I guess it had to happen to us eventually! See full report at


State of the Suzy – first half of February 2015

State of the Suzy – first half of February 2015
Following a slight down-side to the last blog post, there are some positives.

First of all, my brother and his wife have finally had their child – Seth Gronneberg – on 2nd February 2015. These photos were by my little sister Ruth, when he was nine days old;

Re the printing company that we had problems with, We had their Managing Director in last week, for "tea and biscuits"... Discussions with the MD was actually smoother than I'd anticipated. He said they had a work-a-round to try with our copies that were printed rightly for the proof, then the production copies did not. We discussed quality controls being dropped, which he wasn't aware of. Having said that, it does appear that the busy times of the last three months there haven't helped. So those are certainly positives to note. We've also agreed payments for the books done, now all is resolved, as part of our budget for March to September, which includes our wedding and many other things. Talking of my frustrations and so forth too, but he left on a happy note.

We will experiment with the next book between two printers, and see how things go. After that, we should be in a better position to update on dates.

We’ve got a new company website, which brings everything up-to-date. Just the shop to finish. The Blog was already done in WordPress, but it’s actually two separate installs – one static page, one blog page. Working well so far.

Sport… will come to the progress Dundee United have made shortly, but my tickets for ICW Alex Kid In London have arrived! (XXL is the t-shirt size I preordered).



State of the Suzy – January 2015

State of the Suzy – January 2015

It’s been a slightly intriguing month, while we somehow made it through a month and a half with one lot of money, plus seven out of ten family birthdays in the space of 72 days! – plus Christmas, New Year, and C’s visit to Edinburgh. We’ve had luck in the past two years since we moved here. 2013, we were sent a bunch of Pizza Express vouchers after their members club was being wound up. Early 2014 it was the case of National Rail vouchers, after a 100% refund for our journey to Montrose (delay following one-under) and back up to WGC (missing driver from PBO to WGC). So, this time, 2015, it was my credit card limit increased! We were doing well until the last week when C needed to go into work more. Maybe someone is looking down on us.

My birthday was nice enough, as was Ruth, Mum, Andy (Ruth’s partner), and Tim’s as far as I know. However I’d assumed the seventh would be here by now, but Tim & Yolanda’s child is now very overdue. Keep watching for updates, bit all is fine otherwise.

Following problems with the printer, I’d actually been looking for paid work, for the first time I ages! Still experiencing this weird barrier that was not there before transition! Having said that a week ago today, I got a call the next day to come and see someone on Thursday.

Thursday… now lets see… I’d been told about an interview/assessment that seemed to be within the realms of possibility for WIS International, aka Washington Inventory Service. However, it then ended up being the polar opposite – not requiring any of the items I brought and looked out, and the assessment not being on the same day, and worse. I had cleared my day deliberately, but ended up taking less than 15 minutes as opposed to four hours. Tried calling the company involved, and the manager in question didn’t call me back. Four hours inc. a nap later, woke up and tried again – manager is away so I said I’d try her Friday. Not in Friday as it turned out. So it would appear they lie to all their prospective employees and don’t give a shit!

So, now what?

I did feel gutted on Thursday night that I’d fallen for this, but even Caroline didn’t see this coming.

Looks as though I might be better off working on my own, for the foreseeable future.

Printing problems? I’ve got the offer of a discussion with PODWW but I am not holding my breath, although the boss does live in WGC. Several customers gave me leads for printers, but not that many can do the pages we need. There is one possibility using Createspace, who seem to be Amazon-based, and can print one at a time. Pricing is in US Dolllars and shipping from the USA, but it’s perhaps worth a shot instead.

The geoblock (filter which restricts audio streaming to US & Canada) on 98PXY and 98.9 The Buzz appears to be back! Aah well, good while it lasted. Still… got me podcasts!

Phone – the phone I bought three years ago is wearing out, so it’s time for an upgrade. Moved to a SIM-only plan with a cheaper phone company a year ago. Wanted a hybrid between tablet and smartphone, and to be able to play the music etc. I’ve already bought in iTunes, so going for an i6+. So, monthly price about the same. Tried Virgin Mobile, and my account isn’t at the level where I could buy one! Yes a brand new customer can have one, but not me! So went back to o2 for the first time in five years, and it’s on it’s way. After spending a lot on keeping this phone going – two screens, new battery, and a new dock connector – it now needs another screen, and the home button doesn’t work very well. While I am a long time away from where I was years gone by i.e. holding together a battered old Sagem with an elastic band, I didn’t want to keep spending on a phone that is three years old. I’d normally be happy with it, but Apple legend appears to say that every time a new one is launched, the old one stops working… but I’ve been lucky with that so far to be honest.


The phone duly arrived yesterday, and it is much more of a design that I can use! As phones have got smaller, larger, smaller and larger again, my fingers have stayed the same size! I’m able to use it as not just a bigger display and replacement for the iPhone 4S, but it just seems to work better and more accurately especially when using fingers on the keyboard. The display is a similar quality to Caroline’s iPad/Retina Display, just smaller. The inbuilt speakers are much better than the netbook! The auto-complete is an interesting addition to autocorrect! That and o2 Customer Service were always helpful, unlike the others I’ve used of late. There are some new apps and the new iOS which I am also getting used to, which might also help my productivity. Maybe. I had a delivery from Amazon today with a new power block… that and the new larger battery will more than help.

It’s nice to round of the month, and our anniversary (two months short of eight years) with a positive! We have arranged a meeting with the local Quaker wedding Area Registrar for next Friday, and Dundee United are playing this afternoon in the LC Semi-Final. We duly won! The Royal Rumble and ICW version Square Go! Were this past week – see separate Dundee United and Insane Championship Wrestling posts.

Case really of as you were :-D

Dundee United two league matches and League Cup Semi Final

Wednesday 21st January 2015 (19.45)
St Mirren 1 Dundee United 1, Premiership

Saturday 24th January 2015 (15:00)
Dundee United 3 Motherwell 1, Premiership

Saturday 31st January 2015 (15:00)
Dundee United 2 Aberdeen 1, [at Hampden Park Glasgow], Scottish League Cup Semi-Final

We’re still undefeated this year – very interesting so far. The last two matches I didn’t hear all of on Arabzone with problems at their end. Having said that, I didn’t think the Semi-Final was going to be our moment. Several notable offside calls on both sides, but we came out victorious with a Nadir Ciftci goal seven minutes from time. We now face Celtic in March. Now for the opposite end of the scale… off to Stranrear in the Scottish Cup next weekend…