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State of the Suzy – 2016 (and the first bit of 2017!)

State of the Suzy – 2016 (and the first bit of 2017!)

Hello everyone! I am only now actually able to catch up (following previous health issues, see below!) for 2016, so this also now includes the first eleven weeks of 2017.

Health – where to start? Fatigue started early in 2016, which appears to be raising a number of questions. We await a response from the relevant doctors.  Broken arm – for the first time – after a very painful fall while waiting to be admitted with the stall at the Stockwell Garage open day. My previous attempts (from late 2015) to get Caroline seen by the Mental Health team have had a number of unexpected turns, like everything being blamed on me! We have an appointment next week, so will see how things go! Routine blood tests did reveal a slightly raised “good” cholesterol, which (as I’ve lived fairly well in terms of living a bit better than some I’ve known over the years) made me feeling a little cheated! Upon retesting, it’s moved the “bad” being higher. Time will tell, but the fatigue (in limiting what I can do) is the most important now.  This is being dealt with for now by trying to get out the house every other day.

Work/Company – we finally got the Strathtay book done and printed, albeit three years late! Despite the fatigue, well over 50 new timetables published, three open days and three sales, and the SVBM weekend attended on the Saturday. One talk and stall cancelled following a broken arm, picked up at Stockwell. Photocopier/printer/book maker still going strong, although a lot of parts are being replaced.

Coffee – now have a Nespresso!   The Tassimo machine had a number of power issues, and was over five years old. I did decide to buy a Tassimo, and subsequently when adding the milk warmer / frother (Aerochinno) free, it has turned into being used every day, at least once!

Football – Dundee United (as am sure just about everyone knows) were relegated to the Championship, at the end of 2015/2016. (I’m old enough to remember when it happened in the mid 90s!) However, going through four managers in one season was excessive – especially when there is one chairman! Now, protests etc. have happened, but we’ll see what happens between now and May. I personally worried we’d keep falling and do a St Mirren or whatever… but it would appear that we’ve not been too bad. Indeed being top of the league for one week at Christmas was better than anyone could have expected… and we had an unbeaten home run from the tail end of LAST season, until the weekend before last. Would like to see the bosses given a bit more time… after all look what Jim McLean did for United over two decades!

Computing – a new laptop arrived in November. Following several calls of complaint, the power supply arrived two days later! PC is due a reformat (as not done since starting using in October 2015), but playing up is perhaps happening now, as a few files appear to have gone awol ! Thankfully nothing that cannot be recreated… now when’s our company annual accounts due again? Lol but having checked, security is all okay, and the most important files were always duplicated.

Make-up – haven’t really bothered over the past few years, but tried some slight changes to my appearance at the start of 2017 . The most obvious are my finger nails, and currently two colour nails, a plum coat and a purple sparkle on top. Both only £1! Fine for the occasional use I’ll give it!

Quakers – still occasionally attending, when  health permits. Started a course last night “Becoming Quakers” on a monthly basis. Time will tell how far this goes.

TV/ICW – while unwell I managed to catch up on a lot of stuff, and have been able to watch through several seasons of just about everything! Following my FB/LJ post about Full House (and now Fuller House), the second season happened, and continued to blow away every potential hope about being good, by being better! Series 3 is on the cards… ICW continues to grow and amaze me on an ever-expanding-but-gradual basis – an ideal way to think ahead for business in the coming years, health permitting!

Suzy x
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