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We Are The Adults, Now

Yesterday, took a quiet day and caught up on the Fuller House series on Netflix. My sister and mother used to watch the original, Full House, when I was growing up.  The original series showed a father of three girls managing to run a family of girls, after his wife dies. He does the best he can, with his best friend, and brother in law. Fast forward 29 years, and the oldest of the girls has also lost her husband, so her sister and her best friend move in. It’s an interesting way of looking back on everyone’s hopes and dreams from years ago, versus how they are now.
It struck me while I caught up, we’re the Adults now.
Years ago, I knew what I wanted to do. Move out of town somewhere (the place changed a few times), get into driving to get into transport marketing, while also probably doing some self-employment. Okay, so they won’t let me drive, in case I fall asleep at the wheel (I’m an  insomniac, but I’m on meds for this). However, by then, it was a sort of irrelevancy. I had done a sort-of side line with inputting into TD/Strathtay and DCC transport stuff by this point, and then MJW asked me to work at Wootten’s the same year.
I enjoyed that job so much, I decided to not return to OU study (after abandoning plans to study further after 16 for the sake of being my own person) at the end, but look for a new challenge. Come August 2011, and I have set up in business, with my business & life partner (now wife), Caroline. Caroline is happy, and we are both working to resolve our problems and make life happier for us both. Caroline has supported me, like a rock. At the end of this month, we will have been together for nine years. Caroline has also been the enabler for a lot of what I have done in the last nine years, and I still believe there is no way I could have survived 2007 without her. Now I have developed a lot as a person, businesswoman, and so much more – thanks to her. Okay occasionally some people need to ask twice, but I’d now not have it any other way.
In terms of work, my parents initally didn’t really support me. But now, my mother could not be happier, “as long as yours’re happy” she said.
Transition and genetics – been there, done that, outgrown the tee shirt. It’s not the subject of these thoughts, as we’ve talked about that more and so.
We’re even the parents now. Sort of. Well, both aunties to at least two each. We also have a menagerie of hundreds of stuffed toys – each with their own personality, work, favourites, and the likes. Thankfully we don’t need to discipline them, or stay up until 2.30am wondering why they still haven’t came home from the nightclub… (they use the Mousey Metro ™ by the way, and are quiet as mice).
I’m guessing I should be grateful for what we have. We have a lot, we have work, a roof over our heads, a fairly full cupboard, fridge and freezer. Okay, we’ve stopped C spending and borrowing, but we still have enough to live on, and pay our way, nine times out of ten. While not drawing a salary from Here To There from August 2011 to now, I would like to in the next five years. Ideally I’d like to be earning more than twice what C does, in time for her to retire and me look after her. I do suspect that Mr Huntington will have something to say about that, and she will also have a pension, as well as probably continuing in some form of work or consulting.
But, should I really get very upset about a book being delayed sending out, while I wait for a part, or look after an unwell wife for a couple of days? Maybe not as much. A recent customer said “they were well worth the wait, when are next batch coming out?” We’ve got happy customers, who like what we do. Maybe not millions, but it keeps it manageable and personal. Having someone love everything you do… you cannot buy that, you cannot bottle it, you just have to get on with it.
And I should be grateful, and very, very proud, of my accomplishments. Despite family problems and in-fighting, genetics gender and sexuality, it’s made me the person I am today. I no longer let people walk over me, and I stand up and fight my own battles. And quite often, those for other people too. I have done 99% of what I wanted to do, when I was younger. I am going to try to be more grateful for what I do have. A hell of a lot, and maybe shouting it a bit more from the rooftops – instead of just looking down on my own work, and being more positive.
So, yes, we are defiantly the grown-ups now.
#lifesubjecttochange #everywhereyoulook
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