Suzy Scott (suzyscottdotcom) wrote,
Suzy Scott

State of the Suzy for 2015

Not ignoring LiveJournal, but you can read in more of a realtime fashion over at Facebook and Twitter, where the two should now sync. They are generally updated at least daily.

Hello – and if I’ve not spoken to you already this year, Happy New Year! We had a quiet one, but tried to catch up on things too. Well, I did try to start this in January, but it took until now to get the time to finish it!


On a personal level, it’s been the year of Two Weddings and a Baby. The two of us finally got hitched on Friday 31st July 2015. Then, my little sister Ruth was hitched on Saturday 13th November 2015. To complete the tag of three, my little brother/sister-in-law had a baby, Seth, on 2nd February 2015. So, this lot was enough for starters! We had a lovely holiday and break, with an extra visit up north for me in September, before the final visit of the year for Ruth’s wedding.

First – Caroline and I at our wedding, 31st July 2015. No the bus stop in the background is not deliberate! See the rest of our wedding photos here.

Second – Ruth and Andy Black, at their wedding, November 2015. See the photos I took at their wedding here.

Third – Tim (my brother) and Seth, born February 2015.

Other Personal Stuff

Got a lot done this year – our first coaching holiday, and lots of travelling round Scotland  on three visits. See for the photos from those, and mnay other trips that I’ve done in the past few months.
Web stuff converted largely to Wordpress.
Mostly positive, although Caroline’s depression returned when she stopped taking anti-depressants without warning. However, she is now back on these, and settled.
New doctor, who is happy to prescribe all my meds, without me having to gfet the memory ones on a separate prescription from

Our company in 2015 – and 2016

Well, it’s certainly been a notable year. Cast your mind back, and I was about ready to finish the company. This followed 33 pages being defective in the new Tayside Area timetable, intermittently, which did not appear on the proof copy. We had an idea of new loose leaf books, which the first is now expected in Spring 2016.

We then took delivery of a photocopier/booklet maker/finisher, which has proven to be the second best decision of my year! (Wedding first!). We have had a new PC, franking machine, and now a replacement for the mobile phone that was problematic throughout 2015. We have a guillotine and nipping press, for cutting and binding. The latter can be used for cold glue and binding with thread. The first is similar to what was done by the last lot, but doing it by hand has made a difference.

I feel that, now 2016 has hit, we are (much more) ready. In reality we lost most of 2015 fighting, but did we win? I’m still here to tell the tale.

The London Area pocket guides have all gone down well – very well – to which we thank all our customers. These were done entirely in house, using the booklet finishers on the copier.
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