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Timetable of The Week aka #randomtimetablemonday BRIGHTON & HOVE BUSES TIMETABLE BOOK, SUMMER 2015

This timetable is one I’ve alluded to many times over the years. In the past, I’ve said that the Brighton & Hove Bus Times magazine/timetable book , is The best A4 timetable in terms of content and portability being printed on a light-weight paper, and having a companion map which crammed a route map with stops, plus, all of the “times past each hour” of every service. The timetable book is published by Brighton & Hove Bus Co., but the magazine features all operators in the Brighton & Hove Council area + Lewes area of East Sussex.

Well, the Summer 2015 (19th April to 12th September 2015) edition arrived with us recently, and I thought it was overdue for a look in this main section. Opening the front cover gives a welcome from the Publicity Manager/Editor, then into comprehensive service and place indexes. The fares are then shown, but there is not much definition on the out-of-town fares (aside from “other fares apply outside the city”. Much emphasis is placed on M-ticketing, the Key Smartcard, as well as scratch-off tickets and paper tickets bought on bus. The ticketing range bought on the bus is varied from 40p accompanied child single, to a day ticket valid for unlimited off-peak travel on Southern Railway as far as Southampton/London (£17) or Thameslink to Bedford/Luton/London (£20) and all buses in Brighton for travel before/after.

There are pages devoted from things as far and wide as supported services, special events where timetables will change i.e. Brighton Pride, bank holiday services, and disabled persons access and which stops can be boarded at. As ever, the detail level is very high, giving you just about everything you would need to know, in a compact format.

Timetables appear in a full-page format, with all services u a consistent format. Main colour-coded route circles match the route map, plus on-bus branding on some services. Full Where To Board Your Bus plans are included. Places to visit, new buses on Coaster, and much more is included, making use of space that would otherwise be left empty.

The maps appear to have changed – for the last few issues, the one in Bus Times magazine featured a colour-coded route map, with the bus stops shown on a non-colour coded map in Pocket Bus Times. The latter is now a “Route Map and Frequency Guide” which matches the map in the main magazine, now one with every bus stop and colour coding for each route.

This does use 12 hour clock, which (along with the size) may not be to everyone’s taste. This issue does feature a reply-paid postcard featuring views on these items, plus other aspects of the guide too.

The level of detail has to be seen to be believed, and is very useful. You can get a copy, free of charge, by telephoning 01273 886200, email via the website or write to Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Ltd, 43 Conway Street, HOVE, BN3 3LT.
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