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Suzy’s Easter and most of April catch-up

It’s been a good time of it. Here’s the highlights…

... Following the March 18th post, it’s been a busy one.  After Easter, Jim Gardner came to meet in Stevenage, and wanted a photo of me at the Bus Station.

Last Sunday was the first Meeting For Worship at the rebuilt Quaker Meeting House in Welwyn Garden City, which is also going to be the scene of our wedding on Friday 31st July…

… and that evening, I headed to Koko (was Camden Palace back in the day) in London for the Insane Championship Wrestling – Insane Entertainment System Tour, Alex Kid In London. My first “in the flesh” wrestling event, and we started with a six way for the ZeroG championship, which saw one of the Bucky’s walk away with the title! #herewefuckinggo indeed – well I guess I already had the tee! The rest was good too – worth standing up for five hours for!

After last weekend’s escapades, I had planned to do a blog, but not had chance yet. However, having said this, C had been unwell for the first half of this past week. It was a chance comment that Caroline says “you don’t go out for long day trips like you used to…” so, following day… WGC – Highbury & Islington – Vauxhall – Kingston – Guildford – Woking – Heathrow T5 – Hayes – Heathrow central – WGC day out! You can see the photos and more of this trip, in this album, but some personal favourite snaps were these three;

Following that nostalgia, I did this trip yesterday on some services in and around North London… WGC – Hatfield – Edgware – Harrow – Golders Green -  Finsbury Park – WGC. It was a nostalgic trip, especially when I worked out four of the five buses I had that day wee all former single deck routes, from my time in north London.  You can see the photos and more of this trip in this album, but a few personal favourites (the ‘decker on the H19 is usually a short single decker);

Plenty more to follow, no doubt!
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