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#randomtimetablemonday / Timetable Of The Week @SandersCoaches – Summer 2015 booklet

#randomtimetablemonday / Timetable Of The Week @SandersCoaches – Summer 2015 booklet


A few weeks ago, I mentioned the return of a familiar publication that I used to enjoy – well, it’s here! Sanders Coaches of Holt, Norfolk, have reverted production of a timetable book with everything in one guide, instead of a series of slimline leaflets that have been used over the last three years.

This year is the company’s 40th anniversary, and the cover includes photos of a Bedford YMT/Duple, the founders of the company years back (Norman and Gladys), and a more modern shot of an EL bodied double decker.

After a one-page introduction, and Index to contents, full colour timetables – in as large a print as possibile for each page – follow. These vary from portrait to landscape, to make the best use of the space. Everything is shown in detail, from weekly shoppers services right up to the half-hourly (on some routes) express services into Norwich.

As with previous issues, Sunday timetables are towards the rear, on pages 25/26, to show the different inter-working then. There is then a single-page list of the companies day trips and excursions.

It is in an A4 size, but it’s lightweight enough to be taken about easily. The decent paper weight (120gsm gloss?) seems to hold up to repeated handling very well.

The only thing missing from this issue, that I found very useful in the last ones – was a network map. You can get the most recent one on their website.

You can download the entire booklet here, or send a C4 stamped addressed envelope to the value of £1.19 to; Sanders Coaches Ltd, Heath Drive, Hempstead Road, HOLT, Norfolk, NR25 6ER.

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