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Random Timetable of The Week aka #randomtimetablemonday BEDFORD BOROUGH BUS TIMETABLE

Random Timetable of The Week aka #randomtimetablemonday BEDFORD BOROUGH BUS TIMETABLE


As you might know, we pick a random timetable, every week, to illustrate best practice, and show off some of our favourites. These don’t feature those we produce, but cast our eye over as both passenger and publisher. This particular book is something in which the current and former executive committee at BABUS have had input into. For the sake of transparency, these are all my own views!

Right, where was I – a new timetable book, March 2015 – free of charge from local outlets (see end of review if you are non-locals). If you are familiar with the book, you will be aware that the last one was split into five sections of Timetables – Town Services, X5, Rural, Community Transport, and National Express. The new simpler guide is split into two of these: Main Services and Community Transport, plus a new section that features Summary Timetables. There are four corridors in this section, 25/50/51 Bedford – Clapham, 40/41 Bedford – Bromham – 44/81 Bedford – Clophill, and 53/C1 between Bedford – Wootton. Clapham is a new one, following introduction of the 25 through the area. Wootton is now too, following a competitive set of changes from Stagecoach’s two buses an hour to three, following the introduction of an hourly Uno service via Wootton for Cranfield University. Back to the three simple sections, this makes navigating the book, so much easier.
The cover features the artists impression of the bus station development. The book itself has a full colour cover wrap around, including a Bedford Borough area map, and town map, showing the bus network in a diagrammatic format. The book print inside is mono throughout, on a white matt art paper. Timetables, a comprehensive index, and a Where To Board Your Bus plan are all clearly shown. One new innovation which follows the budget-cut related plan to cut BBC funding, to just allow the “statutory” times for free pass travel i.e. 09.30-23.00 Mon-Fri, and all day Sat/Sun/BH. So, there are some infrequent services where passengers can use before 09.30, and these are now clearly marked with outlines on the journey, or a footnote in similar edging. The book also features mew timetables, up to and including the changes to 53 and X5 from Monday 5th April 2015.

Interestingly, for those who had issues finding a copy of the last issue, the plan was that the number printed, this year, was to go up from 5,000 to 10,000. Copies are available now, while stocks last, from the new Tourism & Travel Centre in the redeveloped bus station. If you aren’t local, send £2.05 to cover postage/packing to the Public Transport Team, Transport Operations Group, Bedford Borough Council, Borough Hall, Bedford, MK42 9AP.

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