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#randomtimetablemonday – Go Whippet Local Bus Services timetable, “running from February 2015 until

#randomtimetablemonday – Go Whippet Local Bus Services timetable, “running from February 2015 until at least 23 May 2015”


Well, your eyes do not deceive you – Cambridgeshire operator GoWhippet (who changed hands towards the end of 2014) have issued a complete timetable. Individual leaflets were issued before, but one or two routes only. At my first visit to St Ives Bus Station, the leaflets – photocopies – were kept in a locked filling cabinet, with Mon-Sat and Sunday services having to be asked for separately! Towards the end of the ownership by the Lee family, some brighter leaflets had been issued, and a leaflet carousel bought for the Bus Stn! When a separate leaflet was issued for the Busway services (after GW being sick of pointing out errors in the Stagecoach-produced composite one), you kinda wondered what was next.

Fast forward to the start of this year, and Matthew Wooll is now Commercial Manager at Whippet and Tower Transit Operations. His timetables from the days of First BeeLine and even Capital Citybus were true works of detail. I did ask if, by chance, there might be a new timetable after the consultation changes started… but one is out already!

No time has wasted at all with this timetable folder, A2 folded down to 1/3 A4 (Slimline). The cover’s end date is one day before the recently-consulted-on changes will take place.

It really is a case of where to start – a colour-coded diagrammatic service map showing every service in the network (except Tesco Bar Hill). The timetables show the entire network – Services 1, 1A/1B, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 21, 22/A, 61, 63, 65, 402, 476 on one side, and C, D, 7A, 18, 31, 75, 113, 196, and the map on the other side. The Index to Places Served features all these services. The remaining West Hunts shoppers and Tesco Bar Hill contract services, can be found online.

This guide is doubly highly recommended. First of all, it fills gaps, and brings everything to a similar level in terms of detail. Secondly, it fits everything into one place. This will show to complement the website, rather than printing sheets from it. The entire guide will act as a boost to passenger awareness of the network. It crams a massive amount of information, onto a single A2 sheet of paper.

You can download a copy here (this was the pre-production edition so the final contains a couple of tweaks), or for a paper copy, ask your Whippet bus driver. Failing that, send a 9”x6” Stamped Addressed Envelope to Whippet Coaches Ltd, 2 Rowles Way, Buckingway Business Park, SWAVESEY, Cambridgeshire, CB24 4UG.

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