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It’s been a busy time of it here. Last week I tried to fight through a three-day headache, thereafter all went well. This weekend was a bit worn out, but re-energised with going out yesterday.


A new hair colour – I fancied one shade away from black, so Blueberry Crush (black with a hint of blue) – and is working well. I did want to do black for while, to sort of homogenise the colours to be mostly the same (there was a mix of very light brown, medium brown, usual dark brown, and a tiny bit of turquoise!).


Wedding plans continue apace, and invites went out a week or so ago. This will be a Quaker Wedding at the Friends Meeting House in WGC. See https://www.facebook.com/events/1772897509601043/ for all the updates, as and when they happen. It will be the first big event since the current refurbishment work, and the first same-sex wedding there since the change of laws last year. These were confirmed at a Prep. Meeting on Sunday 8th March 2015 - which just so happened to be International Women’s Day!

Speaking of Nephews, as I was in my last blog post, here’s a shot of Jonah, my sister’s son, earlier in 2015.

Busy with BABUS work – not just the Newsletters, but also a brand new brochure and posters were done for them too. These were paid using a grant from Bedfordshire Rural Transport Partnership. You can download these at the refreshed BABUS website www.babus.org.uk.

Also went to Bedford yesterday – see the photos here (public link).


Here To There News – work is continuing apace behind the scenes. All the websites I control have been converted to Wordpress. With the exception of one bug and a still-to-finish shop, the new look is going down very well.

We’ve also tweaked our e-mailed Newsletter, which is now a weekly transport eNews. This is going down very well, judging by the opens we now get! The idea was to make it less salesey, and more newsey with a little selling – and the experiment appears to be all well.

Everything Else
I See KFC's new Burritos in the UK are going viral worldwide! We had one each last night and they were good, very good almost. C is no main fan of mexican food, and it was enough to get rid of the lurgy she'd brought home from work last night!

Football – after losing 0-2 to Partick, we went into the Scottish Cup match vs. Celtic. After having a player sent off each side, United converting a penalty, Celtic missing theirs but scoring later after we were at 9 men, the Scottish Cup game was a draw at 1-1 – so a fourth game is needed, a replay tonight. League Cup final was a 0-2 loss – we did well to get there though, it has to be said.

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