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#RandomTimetableMonday – Borehamwood/Potters Bar guide by @Sullivanbuses

#RandomTimetableMonday – Borehamwood/Potters Bar guide by @Sullivanbuses

Well, it’s a while since I’ve done one of these! My only rule here is that this cannot be a timetable book I’ve done. I did take a quick look at the proofs, at the request of Dean Sullivan, but that’s as far as that went.

This is the second edition of this timetable book, correct to January 2015. The first was done some time back now by a consultant on the south coast. This was done by another gent who was formerly one of the Herts CC/Intalink public transport publicity team. He has done leaflets for other services too, but this is almost all the Borehamwood/PB stuff in one guide.

The 28-page A5 book is illustrated in full colour throughout, and printed in A5 on heavyweight matt art paper. The cover photo features DN2 at the Tesco bus interchange in Borehamwood, and a close-up of the “Home of Film and Television” display locally. The map of all Sullivan services in Borehamwood is in the centre pages this time, and now includes all bus stops clearly marked. You can also find diagrams of routes such as the 306 and 398. In addition to these services, a summary is added for TfL Service 298, showing first/last buses from Potters Bar and Arnos Grove. There are also timetables for the remaining Borehamwood local service B3, Service 306C which runs at school times and onto Thorpe Park, as well as timetables for ten local school services.

The guide is highly recommended, and can be found on their local buses. You can also download a copy here.

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