Suzy Scott (suzyscottdotcom) wrote,
Suzy Scott

Dundee United roundup – first half Feb 2015

Dundee United roundup – first half Feb 2015

Sunday 8th February 2015
We were away to Stranrear in the Scottish Cup, and it had the potential to be a banana skin. The game was very back-and-forth, but for a 15 minute period in the first half of United dominance with three goals, and we won 3-0. See for full report. In the next round, we’ve drawn Celtic at home – and next month we will play them three times! (One league, one Scottish Cup, and one League Cup).

Then, we went to Kilmarnock this past Saturday 14th February 2015, and Killie came back to win 3-2 – our first defeat inflicted this calendar year. However, we’ve won a few games in similar late late comebacks, so I guess it had to happen to us eventually! See full report at

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