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State of the Suzy: December 2014 recap

State of the Suzy: December 2014 recap

Happy New Year – as I write this we’re now four days in. See also this post re the DUFC results of late, and this one for an update on Insane Championship Wrestling.

In our last recap, I mentioned we have started planning our wedding. Not much more to report, as we’ve done the preliminary basics, and are awaiting a meeting to discuss our intentions with our hosts. We were told it would be the other side of Christmas, so will hopefully hear this month at some stage. So not a lot more to report, but we have budgeted it without taking finance or help from anyone.

In addition to this, some time has been spent planning our August. We’re planning almost August for being on holiday/honeymoon. Our initial plan is a coaching holiday for the first week and a bit in Scotland, before spending time catching up with the friends and family, and catching up on journeys I’ve not done before, or not done in some time.

It’s already looking to be a good year, even if I am on a slightly-biased-towards-a-high from the Dundee Derby, which some have called Demolition Derby!

Footy and wedding aside, it was good to watch the end of the Miranda sitcom end happily. Could have kept watching that for years, but hey ho.

I’ve been keeping up with ICW (see separate post) and this past week I had Kenny Williams entrance music (The Power Of Love) stuck in my head!

The FTP server took a bashing over the holidays, as I was uploading most of the photos I used to have online, and much more since and before. Suzy’s Virtual Picture Skip proved popular, and certainly I now have 60 gigs of photos to get setup after uploading. Something for everyone, and I spent time yesterday just flicking through some photos of Caroline’s femme days in 2007/2008! She likes the way she looks on the photos, even seven years on.

We went out wo weeks past today to the Friends Meeting House (temporarily at The Backhouse Room) Christmas Celebration, which was the first time there for C. It was a distinctly different to usual meetings, and Caroline was with me that evening. We both had a good time, with Caroline helping out with moving things round and more! After that we had a quiet Christmas, and these were Caroline’s gifts for me, from Little Ms Tees! While “Wifey Since 2015” has a dual meaning, the “More Issues Than Diva” was one of my ideas. Last Summer I saw a straight couple in WGC, and the lady had a tee that said “More Issues Than Vogue” – so I suggested one with a gay connotation J

After Christmas, travelled up to Edinburgh overnight on Wednesday 29th December 2014 for C’s 30th-anniversary of graduation at Heriot Watt reunion. (Although in her case it was 29th as she took a gap year). With the plans for the West Coast Main Line to be closed at Watford for building works, plus the busy time of the year, we went up by National Express 596 from Heathrow (724 to there) to Edinburgh. This was the first in over four years, following the “two fat trannies” episode on National Express/Parks when we went to my dad’s funeral. To be honest, there were no issues with the journey! Given the chaos on the East Coast caused by over-running engineering work, where Finsbury Park was crush-loaded with local passengers, ECML passengers, plus all the WCML passengers that had been sent the other way, it proved to be the right choice J

I was a bit sick on the way back south for the first time in 25 years, which was following the heat of the coach. This was somewhat mortifying, but the heat was taking me aback. Having said that, they did put the heat down substantially. Well, it was inevitable that one of us would get a bug! Before hand I was able to have a nosey on the Edinburgh Trams service, and I am sure there will be plenty more travels in 2015. As part of this, we had a lovely lunch at The Murrayfield Hotel, a good dinner at Alexander Graham Bell (the Wetherspoons at the west end of Queen Street) and I enen found a currently-exclusive-to-Scotland Paperchase loyalty card! The son of C's former lab partner has recently released a musical album, and we got a chance to listen in before everyone else arrived.


Back home, and yesterday, I went off for a haircut/tidy-up.


Some more good news hopefully to follow in the coming months, but I need to be #crytpicsuzy on that one. One thing I can share is that my brother’s wife is expecting their first child…. Two days after my birthday in January! Now that Andy (Ruth’s partner) has his birthday on 21st December, it does mean that we have six birthdays in the space of 72 days…. Ruth on 21st November, Mum/Isobel on 29th November, Andy (Ruth’s partner) on 21st December, mine on 16th January, Yolanda & Tim’s child in mid-January, and Tim himself on 31st December 2014. Add that to Christmas, New Year, and a lot of group subscriptions due in the beginning of 2015, and you get the idea that it can be a logistical nightmare on occasions…. If you let it get you down!

Finally, an early Christmas present was being able to hear 98PXY and 98.9 The Buzz again. These two Rochester-area radio stations were quite worthy listening for me most of the time, until some kind of geoblocking started on 1 August 2013. Now, intentionally or not, the live stream on both is now working in the UK once more. Hopefully this is a pernamnet thing again and not just a glitch! (Yes I tried proxy servers, but they weren’t fast enough for live audio!) There has been a reshuffle following the sacking of Kimberley & Beck for transphobic comments on The Buzz, and Spezzanno & Sandy have moved sideways. PXY in the morning is now #Team PXY with Carter and Corey – Megan Carter formerly from evening drive and programme director, whereas Corey was from another state. (True story – there is another Suzy Scott from England who listens to these shows, but no relation!).

On a last note, Craig Ferguson recently left CBS in the States after doing the Late Late Show for the best part of 10 years. While I liked the earlier period of the show, the cussing rabbit has us in stitches usually. Shortly after Sid made his appearance, we were in Ikea at Brent Park, and we saw a white rabbit looking very similar… so we have our own cussing rabbit. Anyway, this is Sid the Cussing Rabbit in his prime… but who’s that at the door?

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